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The following document grouping was contributed by Janice Gregorek, daughter of Jackson "Jack" McManus R79

Radio Operator Check List

A rare look into the duties of a Radio Operator. Examples:

Keep emergency life boat transmitter battery charged

Have an understanding with Master, Mate and Armed Guard CO as to procedure in time of distress

Burn and destroy the ashes of any paper on which there is classified information

Don't break radio silence


Certificate of Proficiency

Wartime Merchant Ship Communications for U.S. Radio Operators

Certificate of Graduation

Radio Operation and Maintenance at the United State Maritime Service Radio Training Station, Gallups Island


Radio Telegraph Operator License


Radio Telephone Operator Permit


Radio Operator Overtime Work Sheet

Shows various duties such as recharging life raft boat and gun position radio batteries, decoding messages, copying BAMS (Broadcast All Merchant Ships), and Port Watch


USMS Identification Card

(Issued the day before his graduation)

Theater of Operations Award Certificates

(These were carried with the seaman's papers to prevent unauthorized wearing of campaign ribbons on the uniform)

Draft Registration Card

(Members of the Maritime Service were technically civilian employees, and were subject to be drafted any time their employment status changed)


ID Card from North Carolina Shipbuilding Company
Seaman's Passport
United States Coast Guard Certificate of Service
United States Coast Guard Merchant Seaman's Certificate of Identification
War Shipping Administration
Training Organization
United States Maritime Service Radio Training Station
Gallups Island

"Promotion; orders; travel; leave"

Statement of Wages Earned
Release from Active Duty