Japanese Katana - Samurai Mounted - Gendai Amihide


Japanese Katana - Samurai Mounted - Gendai Amihide

This is a hard to find WW2 era Japanese Gendai (traditionally forged) Katana in good original polish.

Sword with scabbard measures 40 1/2" long overall, with a blade length of 26 1/8". The Blade is in good original polish (just a tad bright from being cleaned with Simichrome). The Hada is very clear, and even curves dramatically into the tip. No fingerprints, rust or flaws.

Original Samurai-era Fuchi of dark Shakudo with Ishime finish, iron Tsuba with soft metal inlay, and dark Shakudo Dragon Menuki. The handle-wrapper waxed the Menuki which makes them look newer, but they are guaranteed to be old and original.

Fred Lohman high-quality Tsunami Wrap, large-node Same, outstanding gold over Sterling silver Habaki, Seppa and horn Kashira. The Saya is a high quality replacement lacquered in Ishime, with hand carved water buffalo horn fittings.

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