WW2 Cadet Pilot's Autograph Book - 1943 Instructors & WACS


This is a neat book of autographs gathered by an aviation cadet during his flight training in the 108th Training Squadron,Wing I, AAFCC. This includes instructors and other base staff, as well as many WACS.

Book is 4 1/2" x 6", with approx. 39 autographs. Includes officers such as the Director Training, P.T. Instructors, and WACS in the mess hall. Autographs include "Knock em down so we can all go home", "Enjoyed seeing you walk in the back of our little mess hall - knew you were looking for a certain little blonde", "After you get those wings, bring a few down for me", "Wwherever you go may you remember Inga, the blonde cook", "I don't have to tell you about the blonde bombshell from North Dakota, because you know her more than I", "Be sure and bring a Jap or Nazi plane down for me", plus many more.

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