WW2 GI Letters Home - V-E Day, 11th Airborne, German POW's, etc


This is a neat grouping of two GI letters home. One is from a Sergeant in an Antiaircraft Battalion in Germany, written on V-E day, and the other is from an 11th Airborne Private in Occupied Japan.

Letter from Headquarters Battery, 216th AAA Gun Battalion - 3 pages, written May 8th (V-E Day) and updated on May 22nd. Relates how he helped to set up a POW Camp, and from 9:00am to 8:00 pm he had fed 17,000 men. Then he and 6 others were assigned to load 1,800 POW's on trucks in 70 minutes. Had not finished breakfast when his team was assigned to build a cage for 10,000 prisoners. His Sgt. Major has 96 points and will be leaving soon, so he will be taking over.

Letter from Company H, 188th Parachute Infantry Regiment, 11th Airborne, sent from Sendai, Japan on April; 18, 1947. One page, written on Airborne letterhead. "The Japanese boys sure aren't very nice ... the soldiers give them some real funny names like AWOL and SNAFU ...

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