Allies Liberate Russian Prisoners

These photos were obtained from the estate of a man who served in the "John Deere Battalion" in WW2. He was a photographer, and either took these himself, or got them from a photographer friend in another unit. They were in with his reunion materials, which leads me to think that they are related to his unit.

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Prisoners rushing towards American tanks. The tankers are reaching out of the hatches to shake their hands. Near the center is a female Russian soldier in full uniform. She is one of three soldiers in uniform - the others are wearing concentration camp garb. Note that many of the prisoners are carrying submachine guns!

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Note the submachine gun in the prisoner's right hand. The prisoner to his left also looks to have a machine gun slung over his right shoulder.


Prisoners posing with their liberators. An interesting study of prisoner garb. One man wears a Russian army blouse with a red triangle and prisoner number sewn over the left pocket. Another man wears prison garb with a black beret (tank crew?). Many are still wearing Russian military boots. There are also 4 civilian women in the photo.

The white star on the tank turret has been almost completely scraped away (reason unknown). It is the same tank as the one on the right in the first photo. Many of the prisoners are also the same as those in the first photo, but note that the liberators have judiciously convinced the prisoners to discard their weapons.

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This prisoner sports a German armband. On his chest is a red triangle (signifying a communist prisoner) with a letter "F" and his prisoner number. Note the military lace-up boots and beret (paratrooper/armored crew?)


Close-up of the German armband (Z* *leitung)


Close-up of red triangle with "F"


This prisoner wears a labcoat-length concentration camp blouse. On his left chest is a red triangle with a "B"and his prisoner number. Note the red, white & blue armband on his left arm, and the white neckerchief.


A close-up of the prisoner's red triangle with a "B".


Another prisoner with a red, white & blue armband. He has a prisoner number but no red triangle. He does, however, wear Russian military boots.


This prisoner wears a Russian blouse and boots, with concentration camp cap and pants.



Close-up of a prisoner wearing a red triangle with a "B" and a prisoner number on a Russian military sweater.



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