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WASHINGTON, September 30, 1942.

This pamphlet, prepared under the direction of The Surgeon General of the Army, is published for the information of the military service in general. A copy will be furnished to each recruit upon enlistment.

[A. G. 726.1 (8-26-42).]

OFFICIAL: J. A. ULIO, Major General, The Adjutant General.


Sex is one of the most important things in your life, for it makes you a man. It's something to be proud of. But, like everything else you prize, it must be well cared for.

Your Sex Organs

The penis must be kept clean or it will get sore. Whenever you take a bath, pull back the foreskin and wash under it. If the skin is so tight that you can't do this easily, see the doctor. You may have trouble if you don't.

Your sex glands - the testicles - help keep you healthy. They give off something into your blood that makes the voice deep, causes the beard to grow, and gives strength. They also make the sperms~the life cells that pass to the woman during sex relations.

"Wet Dreams"

When the sex glands fill up with sperms, they overflow while you sleep. Since you usually dream at the same time, this overflow is often called a "wet dream." It may happen several times a month or only once or twice in several months. Quack doctors may try to scare you about this so they can sell their fake cures. There's no cure, nor is there need for any. It's a normal thing for every man, so don't let anyone tell you it isn't, no matter how often it occurs.


This lets off the sperms stored up in the sex glands. The actual effect on the body is the same as a "wet dream" or sex relations. Although a childish habit, it does no real harm and does not lead to insanity. If you have this unfortunate habit, try to control it as a matter of pride.

Sex Relations

It's perfectly normal for you to want to go with girls-just as normal as to get hungry or sleepy. Women have the same desire to go with men. This attraction for each other is due to the sex glands. It's what keeps the human race alive.

Part of this attraction is a desire for sex relations. This desire is stronger in some people than in others, but it's normal and nothing to be ashamed of.


Just because you have this desire is no reason why you must give in to it. Sex relations should be kept for marriage. Between people who aren't married they often lead to shame, sorrow, and disease. The public knows this so well that laws forbid sex relations between persons not married to each other. Good morals limit these sex relations to marriage.

Is It All Right for You to Give In to Your Desires?

You wouldn't like to think that the girl you marry had been used by other men. Or that your sweetheart or sister was letting herself be used by someone. You feel a duty to protect her honor. If you want the girl you love and respect to keep her body pure and free from disease, you owe it to her to keep yours the same way. Nothing is more unfair than to expect her to control her normal desires while you give in to yours. Americans pride themselves on fair play. A good soldier plays fair. Will you?

Do You Need Sex Relations?

Some people who don't know any better may tell you that a, man needs sex relations to keep his testicles healthy. This is not true. Our best athletes and fighters avoid sex relations while in training. Their trainers insist that they do this to save strength and vigor. The sex organs are not muscles, so exercise can't make them larger or stronger. In fact, it may even weaken you to use them too much. And there's always the danger of getting

(V. D.)

These are caused by germs you may get by sex contact. The two commonest venereal diseases are syphilis and gonorrhea, either of which may seriously injure your body.

(Syph, pox, lues)

Syphilis is one of the worst of all diseases, It can ruin your health and shorten four life, for it's an important cause of both heart disease and insanity. If you give It to your wife, your children may be born with it,

The germs of syphilis may be present in the sex organs of the woman who is infected and may enter your body when you have sex contact with her. If she has sores in her mouth, you can get syphilis by kissing her. A sore, called a chancre (pronounced shanker), appears at the spot where the germs enter. This is usually on the penis, often under the foreskin, and doesn't hurt, It goes away after a few weeks, even without treatment,

But the germs don't go away. Even if the sore has healed and you feel well, you still have syphilis and can pass it on by sex contact. The germs spread all through your body and may attack any part of it, especially the heart and brain.

Can Syphilis Be Cured?

Yes; the earlier you start treatment the easier it is to cure the disease, But it takes a long time and isn't always pleasant, You must keep it up long after you feel all right. You may think it foolish to take all this treatment after you feel well, but, unless you do, you may give the disease to others or may break down in middle life.

The quack doctor often tries to sell you short-cuts to cure. He treats you as long as you can pay and then says you're cured. He hopes you'll believe him because you feel all right. But he knows better. All he really thinks about is your money, not your health.

(Clap, gleet, a dose)

Gonorrhea is due to a different germ from the one causing syphilis These germs live in the sex organs of the woman who is infected and get into your penis during sex contact. A few days later it hurts to make water, and pus begins to run out of the penis.

As the germs go deeper into your sex organs they may cause a lot of pain and even destroy your chances of being a father when you marry. In the woman they may also spoil some of the sex organs so that she can never have a baby.

As in the ease of syphilis, the germs of gonorrhea stay in the body long after you think you're cured. If you stop treatment as soon as you feel well, your wife may catch the disease from you when you marry. In the woman it's a much worse disease. Too many men who "thought they were cured" have given gonorrhea to their wives ''as a wedding present." It's a rotten present.

Gonorrhea can also attack other parts of the body. If it gets to the joints, it may cause crippling. Or it may get into the eyes and cause blindness. Too many babies have lost their sight because the gonorrhea germs got into their eyes at birth. A sick wife and a blind baby are a high price for a few minutes of fun.

Can Gonorrhea Be Cured?

Yes, if you get good treatment and take enough. Usually it doesn't take as long as for syphilis, but you may need treatment even after you feel well. Here also the quack may fool you into stopping treatment when your money's gone. There are no short- cuts to treatment of either syphilis or gonorrhea. The Army treatment is safe and as sure as it can be made.

Other Venereal Diseases

There are other diseases that may be caught by sex contact. Though serious, they are less common. Anything wrong with your sex organs should be reported, especially if you've had sex contacts.


Some men think they can tell if a girl has V. D. (venereal disease) just by her looks. Nobody can do this, not even the doctor. But you can be pretty sure that a prostitute,

a pick-up,or a girl who hangs around barrooms has V. D. Any strange girl who lets you use her has let other men use her also. If she has done this very often, she's sure to have caught a disease.


The Army can protect you from many diseases, but you'll have to protect yourself from syphilis and gonorrhea. The only sure way is to stay away from women. Don't forget that any girl who lets you use her, or who "consents" easily, is not safe.

If you wait until you marry, you're safe and keep your self-respect. You also play fair with "the girl back home" whom you expect to play fair with you. There's no substitute for morals.

Some men, however, seem unable to keep away from sex relations with strange girls. If drunk, they're less likely to keep away than if sober. They take a big chance and often get "burned." But they can reduce the risk if they use


Prophylaxis is a way to avoid disease even if you're exposed. It isn't perfect but works in most cases. There are two methods:

(1) Use a condom (a rubber) during the sex act. A condom fits over the penis and keeps out the germs. It must be put on at the start of sex relations and taken or right afterward. The sex organs should then be washed well with soap and water. If properly used, condoms are the surest form of prophylaxIs. They may be bought at all post exchanges and good drug stores.

(2) Chemical prophylaxis is the use of drugs to kill any germs of syphilis or gonorrhea on the penis after the sex act. Special stations where this treatment may be given are found in all Army posts and in many cities. If you've had sex relations, be sure to go to a prophylactic station as soon as you can. The sooner the better.

If you can't get to a station, use the prophylactic kit for sale at any post exchange.

This isn't as good as treatment at the station but does a lot of good if well used. Instructions are inside the kit. Follow them very carefully.

Prophylaxis is especially important if you failed to use a condom. It's better to use both. But the safest way is to stay away from women.

If You Get V. D.

Report at once to the medical officer. It's true you will be put in the hospital for a while and won't get any pay while there. You'll also need more treatment after you get out of the hospital. But this is better than taking a chance by going without treatment or going to a quack.

With good treatment you can get well and can marry without risk of giving the disease to your wife or children. Bad treatment means future trouble. Trouble for you when the disease attacks vital parts of your body. Trouble for your family. The earlier you start treatment the less you will need for a cure. Don t delay.

It doesn't pay to take a chance

(1) You don't need sex relations to be strong.

(2) V. D. may ruin your health and home.

(3) You can't tell what girl is infected.

( 4) The surest way to avoid V. D. is to stay away from sex relations until you marry.

(5) A girl who'll let you use her is probably infected.

(6) If you can't stay away from women, use prophylaxis.

(7) Nine out of ten men who get V. D. failed to use prophylaxis.

(8) If you get V. D., get good treatment.


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