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8th USAAF Named Bombardier Uniform Group 35 Missions Documented


This is a great uniform grouping for Lt. Edward Dalton Ebbeson, 8th Air Force, 398th Bomb Group, 603rd Bomb Squadron, who served as Bombardier on the B-17 "Ole Blood-N-Guts" for 35 well-documented missions. Many documents on the Internet for Ebbeson and his plane, including a transcription of Ebbeson's War Diary documenting each mission, photos of plane and crew, official documents from the 8th AF Archives, etc.

Ebbeson's Uniform, Trousers and Shirt:

Summer-weight khaki wool Uniform by Robert Clothes of Cincinnati, with theatre-made wool 8th AAF patch, theatre-made 2nd Lt. Bars, theatre-made Distinguished Unit Citation Ribbon Bar, Ribbon Bar with Ribbons for Air medal with 5 Oak Leaf Clusters, European Theatre of Operations with 4 Service Stars and American Campaign, Bombardier Wings (clutch-back, with period puddle-soldered clutches, unmarked, one clutch is a post-war replacement). Name label reads "E. Ebbeson - 2/21/44", also stamped with Ebbeson's Laundry Number.

Summer-weight khaki wool Uniform Shirt with theatre-made wool 8th AAF patch, 2nd Lt. Bar (AAF Branch Pin is missing).

Matching Trousers.

All pieces show light period use - a few coffee dribbles, some loose stitching at the right armpit, a bb-sized moth hole on the back of the shirt.

A nice grouping of 8x10 and larger photos - modern copies printed from the Internet, as well as JPEG images (some shown here) from the Internet related to Ebbeson and crew.

An electronic transcription of Ebbeson's wartime Diary - beginning 7 August 1944 in Kearney, Nebraska to leaving port for home on 14 March 1945. Nice entries, such as:

"Saw a straggler blow up just off our right wing and behind us. I followed it down, no chutes."

"Three F.W. 190’s made passes at us. I got bursts away at all three ships, and knocked the F.W. down that came in second. ... He rolled up and to the right, just as he blew, trying to break away. His ship just disintegrated. When he exploded he was from 150-200 feet from us."

"Most of the instruments were out, and the oxygen and hydraulic lines were shot out. We were losing altitude fast but after a while ... managed to hold on and we limped across the lines into Belgium. We threw everything overboard that we could get loose and we salvoed the ball turret to lighten the load. The ship was mushing and would hardly maintain flying speed. We crash landed at an R.A.F. Typhoon base "

"lead ship just off our right wing and a little ahead of us ... received a direct hit in the right wing. The ship fell off on its right wing, flipped over on its back and spun down. ... Three of the members of that crew lived in our hut here"

"We finally hit the “Big B” [Berlin, Germany] today. The whole 8th Air Force flew to Berlin."

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