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American Fighter Aces Album - Hardcover


American Fighter Aces Album - Colonel J. Ward, Roy Grinnell,Sonny Schug Boyce. Hardcover, 13" x 10", 256 pages.

"During the 20th Century, 1,442 Americans downed five enemy aircraft, therein becoming aces. AMERICAN FIGHTER ACES ALBUM is the record of those aces' exploits. A massive, well-produced, well-illustrated doorstop of a book, this 1996 tome is a magnificent chronicle of American aces at war and, at the same time, a wonderful tribute to those sharpshooting aviators.

AMERICAN FIGHTER ACES ALBUM, which tops off at 550 pages, details the lives and combat careers of the various aces. Following a four-page history of the American ace by Bill Hess, the book presents its material in three sections: American Fighter Aces, 1916-1919; American Fighter Aces, 1937-1948; and American Fighter Aces, 1951-1972. Coverage within the section is alphabetical. Each page features biographies of three pilots, each usually with an accompanying photograph. Most of the entries were based on submissions from the aces themselves, the whole work being edited by J. Ward Boyce.

The book also includes several appendices include photos and color side-profiles of U.S. aces' aircraft by Sonny Schug, combat artwork by Roy Grinnell, photo guides to enemy aircraft destroyed and interesting aces' facts and trivia.

Anyone interested in American aces will greatly enjoy this book. The individual entries are concise yet exciting and present fascinating information on well-known aces and those not so well-known. They range Frank Luke to Robert Blyth, Dick Bong to Art Chen, John Landers to Jim Shirley.
" - (Publisher)

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