Japanese Samurai Sword Fuchi-Kashira - Deep Sentoku Waves


This is a pretty nice Fuchi-Kashira set, a larger size and very suitable for mounting. This is done in Sentoku (brass) and the design is deeply 'carved' crashing waves (this is later work, and there is really more casting woirk than carving work involved).

Likely from the 1930's, when the martial spirit in Japan was revived and modern made Samurai swords began appearing on the market. This is indicated by the one-piece Fuchi (the flat part not being a separate piece of soft metal).

Fuchi is 23 mm x 42 mm OD at the base, 18 mm x 38 mm ID at the mouth, and 10.5 mm tall.

Kashira is 14 mm x 36 mm x 13 mm tall.

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