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Concentration Camp Liberation Photos

I bought these photos from the estate of an artist/photographer in the John Deere Battalion. I do not know if they have ever been published.

3rd Armored Division Photos

An album of photos taken by Sergeant Walter Schreck of the 36th Combat Infantry Battalion, 3rd Armored Division. Schreck saw a lot of action with this distinguished unit that fought its way through France, Belgium and Germany. And he snapped a lot of photos, too.

292nd Engineers Combat Battalion Photos

An album of photos taken in Belgium and Germany by Sergeant James M. "Meredith" Longacre of the 292nd Engineers Combat Battalion. His unit was responsible for building bridges, sweeping for mines and maintaining supply routes for the advancing infantry divisions. Meredith was assigned as a photographer, taking aerial reconnaissance photos of bridges to be built and enemy bridges to be destroyed. He also photographed work in progress.

Souvenir Collecting - Ltd.

The Green Light Is On for Battlefield Mementos - If You Observe the Rules

(Bureau of Naval Personnel Information Bulletin – January 1944)

Deal in Flags

This humerous article was taken from the book "Jungle Warfare - with the Australian Army in the South-West Pacific", published in Sydney Australia in 1944. Collectors of WW2 Japanese Memorabilia will find this just as fresh as the day it was written.

An interesting photo of an Aussie selling Japanese souvenirs to a Marine.

Two more neat USMC photos from the same estate.

Allgemeine SS Photo Album

This personal photo album documents a road trip to Nuremberg and participation in one of the massive Party Rallies there.

Japanese Patriotic Postcards

A neat collection of WW2 Japanese postcards with patriotic themes.


Japanese Military Kanji

WW2 Army Intelligence overview of Kanji used on Dog Tags, Identification Papers, etc.


Propaganda Leaflets dropped on the Japanese

A collection of some very scarce propaganda leaflets


American Theatre Wing - Stage Door Canteen

Gallery of rare insignia from this little-documented homefront organization.


"Secret" Document from the estate of an NCO Bombardier in the 8th USAAF 96th Squadron 396th Group


Documents from 8th USSAF Waist Gunner and Caterpillar Club Member Jimmie Quillin, who bailed out near Schleswig-Holstein.

Sex Hygiene and Venereal Disease

Bone up on this important information issued in 1942.

WWII Invasion Plans - Okinawa - February 8th, 1945

These serial-numbered "Invasion Plans" were brought back by a U.S. Marine Corps Intelligence officer who participated in the invasion of Okinawa.