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4 Volumes of Soldat: WW2 German Army Combat Collector's Handbook


Four PRISTINE volumes from Cyrus Lee's long out-of-print series on collecting and reenacting German Army Combat Troops:

Soldat - Volume Three: The World War II German Army Combat Uniform Collector's Handbook; Equipping the German Foot Soldier in Europe, 1944-1945

This volume provides not only current, detailed photographs of combat uniforms and individual equipment of the foot soldier, but also a look into his life and time in the critical years of the war, 1944 and 1945.

Soldat - Volume Five: The World War II German Army Combat Uniform Collector's Handbook; Uniforms and Insignia of Panzerkorps Grossdeutschland, 1939 1945

This SOLDAT provides the reader with unique insights into this elite German Army fighting formation. Through detailed, current, black and white photos the collector, modeler, and historian can view the progression of uniforms and insignia used and worn by Grossdeutschland throughout the war. The text details how the uniforms and insignia applied to and were used by the soldiers of Grossdeutschland.

Soldat - Volume Eleven: The World War II German Army Combat Collector's Handbook; The Reproductions - the Postwar Years

This volume provides over 300 photos of known fakes, 75 of reproduction Waffen SS insignia alone. The color section identifies 22 reprinted camouflage patterns of Waffen SS, Fallschirmjaeger and Heer. More than 80 photos help spot counterfeit awards and decorations.

Soldat - Volume XI C: The World War II German Reenactor Guide and Combat Uniforms & Equipment

This SOLDAT is designed to serve as a double duty handbook. For the collector wanting to spot fake uniforms and equipment of the German combat soldier of World War II, this book provides hundreds of photos of current reproductions! For the German reenactor or living historian wanting a guide, this book provides step by step information on uniform, historical background facts and a host of skills to help sharpen the first person impression. Throughout this SOLDAT Der alte Hase continues to lead by experience in a number of areas. State of the art examples of uniform, equipment, and impressions are shown for guidance. The combat uniform collector can not afford to be without this volume of SOLDAT, even if only used to promote awareness of what is going on with replica uniforms and goods.

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