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Original Photos of Army Extras Filming of 1942 Movie Wake Island


This is a set of 4 original 5" x 7" Photos annotated on the back by one of the US Army soldiers who participated as an extra in the 1942 Action Movie "Wake Island". I've made grammatical corrections below.

Photo of Girls in Jeep - "That was my Corporal in the driver seat Honey. The 2 women in the front seat are Movie Stars, I forgot their names. All of this was taken along the *****".

Photo of Beech Battle Scene (One Soldier in a Antiaircraft Gun Crew highlighted with ink dot - "You see this picture in the movie sometime but closer than that. That's me over there where you see that ink spot in there some place".

Group Photo - "And these me you see I know all of them too, you can see my Sarge in the picture too. The second man from the right of the picture that's knelling down. They took this picture in camp".

Photo of Soldiers speaking with William Bendix - "Mother this picture shows my Sarge that trained me in Camp Callan [Army anti-aircraft artillery training center] the one that's got the rifle, and he's a hell of a swell guy too, and the man with the white shirt on is a movie star I've seen him lots of times so **** to. This picture shows when we took the movie on the ocean.".

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